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With over 75 years of combined experience in radio, digital, and marketing, we have curated a team of resources to bring you the best products, services, and expertise in the business!

Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Programming / Talent Consultant

[email protected]

Tim Richards Muehlhausen

Tim Richards

Programming / Ratings Guru

[email protected]

Heidi McIvor-Allen

Heidi McIvor-Allen

Digital Marketing & Sales

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Does your station need help and you're just not sure where to start? Here's an example of our process and how we can help you. Take the first step and send us an email, so we can help make this next book, the best one yet!

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Develop & Execute Plan

Founded in data, SRC will then develop and execute a plan tailor made to help you achieve your goals. You'll get a partner that will improve your brand and help you manage your expenses.

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Kim Guthrie - Former CEO Cox Media Group
Kim Guthrie Former CEO Cox Media Group

"Steve really does have an incredibly special ability to connect with talent and focus on their strengths and incorporate research findings, to create radio magic."

mojo in the morning testimonials
Mojo In The Morning WKQI, Detroit MI

Over the years I have turned to Tim for not just career advice but life skills. These skills are the reason I’ve been able to get through numerous challenges both professionally but more importantly personally. What companies sometimes don’t understand is when you have your talent happy in their personal life, they will be more productive for you in both ratings and revenue. Tim is the talent coach you want on your team!!

mike abrams
Mike Abrams Regional Director of Programming

I had the opportunity to work for Steve Smith in 4 different capacities and radio stations for a total of 8 years.

Steve is not only one of my biggest mentors, but is someone that knows how to treat people. I was fortunate en to work with Steve at successful situations in San Jose, Phoenix, and New York. Steve not only had amazing ideas that would break the mold, but would also listen and execute ideas from myself and others. The word "team" gets thrown around a lot today, but with Steve, it WAS a team. And that is what lead to success.

I can continue on for a long time about how Steve pioneered groundbreaking and industry changing formatics and formats. Steve is one of the most passionate people int he business, and this comes out in every station or project he works on. Steve is a brilliant programmer, an amazing person, and I will cherish the years I had working with him.

karen miller
Karen MIller General Sales Manager, Bonneville Denver

Heidi is an enthusiastic leader who trained our sales team in understanding a brand new tool kit of new digital products.This training brought digital revenue growth to our team. Clients alike benefitted from the depth of digital knowledge Heidi exhibits as she can explain digital media better than anyone in the market. She is extraordinary at connecting people and making the connections valuable to businesses represented. An entreprenuer at heart, Heidi is great at coming up with innovative solutions and ideas for projects.

steve sinicropi
Steve Sinicropi Senior VP & Market Manager, Audacy, Inc.

Steve Smith is a master programmer. Steve knows programming and how to find and manage talent at a super-star level. He has an incredible track record of programming experience and success. His skills were a huge help in bringing the programming success we needed to monetize content. Steve's a fun guy to work with, and I enjoyed our time together. Steve was a big part of our continuous success.

Kim Guthrie - Former CEO Cox Media Group
Kim Guthrie Former CEO Cox Media Group

"Steve really does have an incredibly special ability to connect with talent and focus on their strengths and incorporate research findings, to create radio magic."

Roger Gearheart President of Graham Brothers Entertainment

I am writing to offer my recommendation for Tim Richards. I had the opportunity to developed a partnership with Tim’s station through Tim’s efforts & in 50 years of purchasing advertising and media, I have yet to encounter a more honest, motivated & helpful station representative. He is an amazing problem solver, not only through the analytical process, but also motivating all parties to help find solutions for any issue. In my experience, Tim was great at keeping the partnership on track & keeping everyone well informed.

april wilson
April Wilson Sr. Program Manager, Alpha Media

Heidi possesses a drive, enthusiasm, and an unmatched attention to detail that is rare in today's marketplace. She fully invests herself in each of her market's and clients' projects. Good is not an option that Heidi considers. Excellent is the only outcome she will accept. Friendly and approachable, Heidi is great to work with, and an asset to those around her.

Steve Reynolds The Reynolds Group

You’re given only a handful of opportunities in life to find “your people”. After meeting Tim Richards many years ago, I instantly knew we were brothers. Tim is smart. Tim is strategic. Tim knows the importance of a positive team culture and how to build it. Because Tim focuses on the biggest asset he has to win: his people. All of that is secondary to my relationship with Tim, who teaches and challenges me and provides friendship not seen often enough in any of our lives.

Rich Berra Co-Host of Johnjay & Rich

WE CALL Tim Richards, The DJ whisperer. He was able to take a fast moving, meteor of show with nuclear personalizes like ours from 1 to 11 markets and stay focused on the show, and how it connects. We are all as on-air talent, a hot mess… Tim was able to channel that into success stories and relationships.

John Parise Testimonial for Smith Richards Collective
John Parise Morning Show - WBAB Long Island

What can I say about Steve Smith? Steve has been an integral part of the success of the Roger & JP show in TWO markets and in TWO different formats. Our show on 102.3 WBAB on Long Island has been winning for the better part of 22 years. Long Island is a market where all the big guns from NYC are aimed right at us and with Steve’s help, we’ve been able to maintain ratings success for a very very long time. Steve saw our success, our work ethic and our win at all costs attitude and decided to give us a shot at doing talk radio on 102.5 The Bone in Tampa. Now, in mornings on Long Island, we play 5 or 6 songs an hour. Talk radio is something we’ve always wanted to do and Steve is one of only people in my career that backed his words up with actions and 7 years ago, the Roger & JP show was given a shot at mid days on The Bone and we took the ball and ran with it. With Steve’s coaching and the overall connection we’ve had with him, we won in Tampa quick! Steady top 5 adults and top 3 with men 25-54. All while talking to a Tampa audience from our studios on Long Island.

Truth of the matter is, anyone lucky enough to be coached by Steve Smith is IMMEDIATELY put in a position to win. Steve will pull the best out of your talent. If he doesn’t, it’s because your talent thinks they know more than he does. They do not!

Aneesh On-Air Talent, The Morning Mess Entercom PHX/LA

When I tell you that I owe my entire career to Tim…I do. This man was one of the only people in this world that saw potential in me and had such a good eye for it that he was able to see it through a crusty audition video I submitted on YouTube. But from there, I was led by one of the strongest leaders I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Not only did he see the potential in my talent, but he guided me in a way that allowed me to develop the way I wanted to. He’s the first leader I’ve worked with that asked me what I thought of his work and how he can improve, that took the boss hat off and spoke with me as a friend that genuinely cared for my well-being. He’s also THE reason I got to be in the same room as Britney Spears 2 months into my career… so like, Tim is literally everything and more.

nicole bennett
Nicole Bennett CEO, Local Marketing Inc.

Heidi is one of the most talented marketers I have ever encountered in my 25+ years in marketing. She is knowledgeable , passionate , and brings a level of professionalism second to none.

Kim Guthrie - Former CEO Cox Media Group
Kim Guthrie Former CEO Cox Media Group

"Steve really does have an incredibly special ability to connect with talent and focus on their strengths and incorporate research findings, to create radio magic."

Randy "R Dubs!" Williams Director of Programming - Local Media Group & President - Fusion Radio Network

I remember telling Tim years ago how lucky radio was to have him and that he should consider a career with the UN, because he possesses the people skills strong enough to bring warring nations together. I’ve worked closely with Tim since 1997 and he is one of the special ones, with the ability to lead a team through the toughest of times and bring them out winners, every time. Tim’s intelligence, strategic mind, warmth, compassion, humor and wit all come together to make one amazing and one-of-kind programmer that anyone would be blessed to work with. His track record speaks for itself, but when it comes to Tim, his ability to cultivate genuine and memorable relationships with employees, colleagues, clients and listeners is something you can’t measure with numbers.

Dillian Micus Executive Vice President, Equitable Advisors Southwest

Partnering with Tim Richards and his team at CBS/Entercom will easily go down as one of the best decisions I made during my tenure as the Chairman of the Bird’s Nest. The partnership that we developed with Tim helped The Thunderbirds and the Waste Management Phoenix Open take this event to the next level and for that, we will be forever grateful. More important, even, than his contribution to the Bird’s Nest, is the friendship that has been developed between Tim, myself, and the rest of The Thunderbirds.


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